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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marissa DS

I'm sorry you let your dispute with my friend to turn you against me as well. I'm also sorry you dislike people older than you. That was why I used to hesitate telling friends. For a long time now I've told everyone. I find it interesting that very few care and I realize I don't need those that do. If everyone on your list has to be young and eligible, I guess that's your problem. Also if you have it in you to be cruel to a person with cancer I guess that reflects what kind of person you are. Some day you will face hard challenges in life. I hope by then you have found within you the seed of kindness and true friendship.

If I missed something or you are willing to apologize I would hapily add you again.

Deleted friends

Jessica Fairyheart
I am sorry for all I have done, the haunts, the memories gone. For I was just cleaning out my friends list on a saturday night, I will remember you deleted friends, for all and on.
That seriously does not make sense.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wolf TT

For all who knew him, he tried to be there when you called "help" or "Port" and though the calls were many he always tried to help. To no ones fault cept his own he was deleated and two new wizards were born. For those who knew him please forgive him for not letting you know. He is sorry and hopes to see again with his new Wizards God Bless everyone of his Friends as they will not be forgotten.