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Monday, June 21, 2010

To Abby

To Abby

I miss you so much. I've done everything I can do find you. I know it was an accident. I wish you could see me as I am now. Not just the adept I was then.

Forever missing you,
~Donna SpellThorn

Thursday, June 17, 2010

for kevin

brittney spear

he was a great friend although i never saw you again i hope you go on later i miss you so much!

Loving From a Distance

From Savannah Dawnshade

Where are you, Taylor?
I've been looking for you for a long time. Remember when we first met? You were a snob then. (Ha, ha. Just kidding, sort of.) You said your school was better than mine, and I disagreed, and you called me a loser. I was sad then. And then you came back, and said you were sorry. I was happy, I wanted to watch you, duel enemies with you... We talked. Remember our talks? Those were funny and weird too. I miss them. I miss you.
Taylor. Where are you? The day after I went away for some time I found you deleted me. It wasn't on purpose, you said. You said wait, I have to go. You left. You left without a goodbye. Taylor... I came back, waited for you. I would have waited forever.
I'm still waiting. Come back. You know where to meet me, the place we first met. Never mind there are field guards all over that place.
Missing you,
Sending out a call to Taylor Thundershard.


To Thomas

I remember when he deleted me. I couldn't go to Krokotopia at that time and he asked for help.