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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Jack

Dear Jack, I miss the times we used to have. It all came to an adrupt end when we got into that fight because I didn't have any cards that hit the hardest. You and me were such good friends but now it's over and done. I miss you and wish that fight never happened.

Bye and miss you.

For Ryan RubyRide

For Ryan RubyRider/Blaze FireFlame From Scarlet WinterSong You were my one and only love, and I miss you terribly. I am sorry for hurting you plz forgive me. My love is yours for eternity I will.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

GRAVE From: Thomas Deathgem

From: Thomas Deathgem Dedicated to Stephen Spiritcaller I Dedicate this gravestone to Stephen Spiritcaller He was a great friend to have in game and on twitter. But one day I made him angry so he deleted me and blocked me from following him on twitter. See you in the spiral Stephen, Happy podcasting

By thomas deathgem

Friday, August 13, 2010

Goodbye Kristin Sunbringer

 You were the best!! I loved you as my first death wizard very much! You made it all the way to Grand, took all your gear and then disappeared. You will be sadly missed by me. R.

a brave pyromancer

Here lies blaze greenstone,my bro's first wizard, for he was deleted on 8/7/10 he was a great pyromancer. a great friend blaze greenstone

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brittany S

You left me when i finally got membership and started lvling up. I wish you could see me as a grandmaster now. Thats why i dedicate this grave to you.



you added me even though i was a noob then but you left right after i got membership and started lvling up. I wish you could see me now, as a grandmaster

brandon griffintalon

i miss my old friend brandon griffintalon ... sad he deleted me. i wish we could be friends again i no longer menu chat noob i am text chat guy i a grand,aster now i ain't no wizard city guy... i hope we could be friends again.

He was such a playboy.

I seen you everywhere, but maybe we will see each other again...

 Andrew Lifeforge

Monday, June 21, 2010

To Abby

To Abby

I miss you so much. I've done everything I can do find you. I know it was an accident. I wish you could see me as I am now. Not just the adept I was then.

Forever missing you,
~Donna SpellThorn

Thursday, June 17, 2010

for kevin

brittney spear

he was a great friend although i never saw you again i hope you go on later i miss you so much!

Loving From a Distance

From Savannah Dawnshade

Where are you, Taylor?
I've been looking for you for a long time. Remember when we first met? You were a snob then. (Ha, ha. Just kidding, sort of.) You said your school was better than mine, and I disagreed, and you called me a loser. I was sad then. And then you came back, and said you were sorry. I was happy, I wanted to watch you, duel enemies with you... We talked. Remember our talks? Those were funny and weird too. I miss them. I miss you.
Taylor. Where are you? The day after I went away for some time I found you deleted me. It wasn't on purpose, you said. You said wait, I have to go. You left. You left without a goodbye. Taylor... I came back, waited for you. I would have waited forever.
I'm still waiting. Come back. You know where to meet me, the place we first met. Never mind there are field guards all over that place.
Missing you,
Sending out a call to Taylor Thundershard.


To Thomas

I remember when he deleted me. I couldn't go to Krokotopia at that time and he asked for help.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This goes out to a good friend Luke
from Ryan ShadowHeart
We were great friends, but we had one fight, and i wish we could be friends again...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Michael Fireheart

I dedicate this is memory of Michael Fireheart from Chistina Darkshard
Michael was my first friend on Wizard. I accidently deleted him once but found him again. We quested together and Michael gifted me my broom. Then he found a girlfriend and had no more time for me. I miss you, Michael.


I miss you very much wolf. I remember when we first met in firecat alley. some guy was calling you a noob and i tried to stop him and he ended up turning to me and calling me a noob. so both you and him went to the arena to sort it all out. and in the end you won. i just wish i went and watched you two fight. goodbye Wolf Shadowbane.

to my best friend Wolf Shadowbane

I remember when we first met in Firecat Alley. some guy was calling you a noob and i tried to stop him. instead he turned to me and started calling me a noob. finally you two went to the arena to sort it all out. I just wished i watched you two battle that day. I'll miss you forever,
Laura Rosegarden

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dedicated to Thomas Griffinrider

Dedicated to Thomas Griffinrider
I dedicate this to my first friend on Wizard101. His name was Thomas Griffinrider. I remember all of those crazy parties we went too and lvling up together. I hope i see you again Thomas...

To Robert

To Robert
I miss you so much. Fireman, you are the one I most want to be with on the game...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wolf Stormblade

From David Titanrider

Dedicated to Wolf Stormblade

I hereby dedicate this grave to an old friend of mine. We were always exploring and doing quests together around the different worlds. I will miss him a lot.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

to cassie

i'm sry cassandra ashriver
autumn owlglade and destiny nightbreeze
to cassie

i miss you
all those times we put on our masks
and killed the field guards
i wish you here to share the joy
of being a master.
i'm sry and sad
~your best friends
autumn and destiny

i'm sorry cassandra ashriver

i'm sry cassie. i wish we were still friends
your best friend
autumn owlglade and destiny nightbreeze

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dedicated to Elijah SoulCaster

I dedicate this gravestone to one of my friends, Elijah SoulCaster.

He was a great friend, I remember when we always wandered around and I was a noob and he was a grandmaster and I always looked up to him.

I miss you Elijah, hope we'll see each other again someday.

From Amber Deathblossom